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Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

amazing Ambiance

Why Was That Last Post Password-Protected?

Posted: 02 Feb 2012 06:29 PM PST

Why Was That Last Post Password-Protected?

February 2, 2012 at 10:29 pm (By Amba)

It's a one-time thing. I wanted to share a subscribers-only article with the Feldenkrais mailing list; it was too long to copy into an e-mail. So I did it this way. It's an interesting enough interview in its own right, but it was highly pertinent to a discussion going on on that mailing list; I couldn't have directed you to the link, and I couldn't have posted the whole thing publicly without possibly getting into trouble.  (YouTube silenced my video of J's life, because there were clips from copyrighted songs on the soundtrack.) Anybody who wants the password, just ask.


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Protected: Jesse Prinz on the Plasticity of Human Nature

Posted: 02 Feb 2012 11:53 AM PST

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