The fastest train in the world at china - include video


Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

China on Saturday launched what is described as the world's fastest train service covering the distance of 1068 km at an average speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The distance between Wuhan in central China and Guangzhou in the south of the country covered by high speed train in two hours and forty-five minutes.

world fastest train from china

The new service will cut travel time between these cities is more than six hours. The train reached a maximum speed of 394.2 km per hour during the trail run which started on December 9. Commercial operation launched today with two trains while passing over a distance through 20 different cities along the route.

High-speed line will use technology developed in cooperation with foreign companies like Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom, said the source.

world fastest train from china

This new service is expected to act as a catalyst in the development of central China that include underdeveloped areas such as connecting to Xianning with highly developed Pearl River Delhi, which is an industrial center in south China.

China's railway authorities showed that the average speed of high speed railway is 243 km per hour in Japan, 232 km per hour in Germany and 277 km per hour in France.

Era of high-speed railway in China began in 2004 when Guangzhou is connected to Shenzhen, both in Guangdong Province, by train with a speed of 160 km per hour. This was followed by the launch of high-speed line linking the capital with the port city of Tianjin during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The government recently announced plans to build 42 high-speed lines in 2012 in order to spur economic growth amid the global decline. China has launched a major rail construction program, considered the largest plan in the world outside the United States. The aim is to take the rail network from the current 86,000 kilometers to 120,000 kilometers.
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Caring for a one-legged pigeon 3 children Rabbits


Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

These little bunnies, about 6 days old, were attacked by a dog and orphaned. Two Out of the litter of five did not survive, and these three were not doing very well.

Caring for a one-legged pigeon 3 children Rabbits

Noah is a non-releasable, one-legged homing pigeon/rock dove that is in the rehab centre. Noah kept going over to the bunny cage and looking in -- even sleeping in front of the door to the cage.

Caring for a one-legged pigeon 3 children Rabbits

Then, suddenly, there were only two bunnies in the cage. But when Noah moved a bit from the front of the cage to everyone's surprise...there was the tiny bunny..under Noah's wing....sound asleep! That little bunny rabbit had crawled through the cage, preferring a featherbed, no doubt to snuggling up with its littermates!

Caring for a one-legged pigeon 3 children Rabbits

Now, they are all together and the bunnies are doing GREAT. When the bunnies scoot underneath Noah's feathers, he carefully extends his wings out to surround them and then they snuggle.. When one of them moves and they start sticking out here and there, he gently pushes them back under him with his beak! It is beautiful and amazing to see.

Caring for a one-legged pigeon 3 children Rabbits
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Tornado Warning San Diego


Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Wet and wild weather continues in San Diego, as the second of a projected four storm dumped inches of rain and bring strong winds throughout the region.

National Weather Service in San Diego issued a tornado warning, which in effect until 3:15 for the South Central San Diego County, including the cities of San Diego, National City, Lemon Grove, La Mesa, Imperial Beach, El Cajon, Coronado and Chula Vista .

National Weather Service also issued a warning for northwestern San Diego County and south Orange County that ended on Memorial 2:30 including the cities of Vista, Oceanside, Fallbrook, Encinitas and Carlsbad

Read more: SDNN’s weather radar
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Top 10 Ugly People in the World

10 – Carrot Top = steroids + cosmetic surgery + red hair.

9 – Your stereotypical geek/nerd/dweeb from high school.

8 – Amazing talent from China huh? His caucasian cousin is below.

7 – This guy is just really ugly enough said.

6 – Sam Cassell AKA Mr. UFO.

5 – Verne Troyer AKA Mini-Me.

4 – This guy needs to visit the dentist soon!

3 – Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern Radio Show.

2 – Yu Zhenhuan AKA “King Kong” from China. He is single ladies!

And… The Number One is….
?Michael Jackson?
do I need to say more?

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Top 10 Sex Scandal 2009

A Russian website lists 10 Remember Me sex scandal in 2009. These sex scandals involving political leaders, important people, celebrities, famous athletes, businessmen and even class trout. There are 10 excerpts interesting story about the important people are. Includes case Megan Fox sex and porn videos famous pop singer Rihanna.

But a little-known world is a sex scandal in South India Governor, ND Tiwari, who stir. Imagine, trailers 'porn films' sudden disebuah national television channel that State, and was the main actor is the governor who has 86 years of age. Hebohnya again, the old governor was sex with three women at once. Suddenly, Indian society mad for that embarrassing incident. How the continuation of the story, please read the! published in two editions continued.

Another interesting sex scandal is a shocking story of the famous artist in South Korea. Probably because not stand it any longer, he finally had to write confessions during 7 pages, whose contents, he was forced to perform sex with powerful men in the country's ginseng, which made him not take it anymore.

There are 10 fragments which must have interesting stories to make you surprised that the news had escaped the mass media homeland was occupied with the case and acrobat Century homeland politicians. Well congratulations to enjoy interesting stories of this. Please note, all these events occurred during 2009 and.

1. Tiger Woods sex scandal is placed on the first rank. According to the media at least Tiger Woods has seven reserves. Woods wife, Elin Nordegren, was so enraged her husband's infidelity will, and the pursuit of Woods with a golf club. Woods panic trying to escape by driving her car, but he lost control of his car hit a fire hydrant so that and a tree.

2. Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy, had an affair! That's not really a new story again. This rich man was known to be fond of women. The bad temper is not lost even though he had served as prime minister. Age not a barrier for Berlusconi if he was fond of women. Even 18-year-old teen allegedly dipacarinya too. In the list of this world sex scandal, Berlusconi took second place. Recently an Italian prostitute, Patrizia D'Addario Berlusconi reveals affair with the prostitute. At least according to Patrizia, he had been 'playing' with 20 prostitutes. Berlusconi did not deny the fact he used sexual services, but he thinks he does not pay for it.

3. In third place was the sex scandals famous director Roman Polanski. This case and a discussion mengemukan where where when he was arrested in Switzerland. Actually, this case has long been that 30 years ago, for some reason just now Polanski was arrested. Precisely in the year 1977 he was accused of sexual contact with children under age. Polanski through his lawyer objected to the case, but the Court of Appeal of California, declined.

4. Famous fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander made the surprise fashion and do not believe, because kebejatannya. Apparently, throughout his career he has repeatedly rape, sexual abuse of the young model young. Many young girls young models who want to be forced to serve the desires of the designer famous bejad it. Age of the victims between 14-21 years. Fortunately, this case finally exposed and Anand Jon Alexander was thrown into prison.

6. In March 2009, former Israeli President Katsav Mosche get serious allegations of rape and sexual harassment to the number of employees. According to investigators, Katsav rape against two subordinates when he served as Minister of Tourism. He is also accused of sexual harassment on two women who worked in the office of President. The rape occurred in 1998. Until now it was embarrassing case the court has not decided.

7. Again and again scandals Israeli officials. This case involves peranakans Minister of Israel, Haim Ramon, who eventually lost everything in dibinanya political career just because of habit could not contain his passion in women.

This embarrassing scandal occurred in 2006. When it was after the meeting at Ramon's office in Tel Aviv, a female employee asked him for taking photos. Ramon agreed but then he suddenly kissed her. The woman was shocked and humiliated the treatment Ramon and report these cases. Investigation of sexual harassment case that was opened, results, Ramon was convicted of sexual harassment. Embarrassing!

8. Iran closely watching its citizens, including the influence of (perceived) bad from the outside, especially the western culture. Which includes supervised is a matter of fashion and life style people. For some like, but no more adequate explanation of the case, but the security forces arrested 12 couples and a flunky, because of the life style that is not in accordance with State policy. Those arrested include civil servants, high officials are also professors.

9. Saudi Arabian court sentenced 22 years imprisonment for journalist LBC Channel, Rozanna Al Yami, plus a whip punishment 60 times. Journalists who also produced the Lebanese LBC television show based in Saudi, is, punished for producing a talk show that smelled of sex. Talk show that for the Lebanese television channel showing the sex lives of Saudi men. According to the court, she should not disseminate information about sex life (sex) a Muslim.

10. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, stripped of his title. Yg title controversial dismissal led to various speculations. Some call because he had posed half-naked and the picture image is now spread across the internet, but there was a call for a statement that the controversy surrounding Carrie sex.

But the official reason for his dismissal is said that Carrie had violated the contract by not attending the event which has become a duty. But it membatah Carrie, thought must be a reason for dismissal was a statement of support for sexual relations between the sexes.

Carrie lost his title in May 2009, along with photographs of the heat spread in the media online. However milyander Donald Trump, helped secure the crown. Thanks to the influence of Trump, Miss California crown was returned to the head of Carrie Prejean.
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Guatemala Earthquake


EQ-20100118-165722-GT Common Alerting Protocol
Magnitude: 6.0
Mercalli scale: 6
Date-Time [UTC]: 18 January, 2010 at 15:40:32 UTC
Local Date/Time: Monday, January 18, 2010 at 15:40 in the afternoon at epicenter
Location: 13° 48.600, 90° 12.000
Depth: 103 km (64.00 miles)
Region: Middle America
Country: Guatemala
Distances: 18.61 km (11.56 miles) W of Pasaco, Departamento de Jutiapa
Generated Tsunami: Not or no data!

A 6.0 on the Richter scale earthquake in Guatemala in the Pacific ocean near the coast on Monday, January 18 According to the United States Geological Survey.

Guatemala earthquake did not cause any ravaging. The report said that the earthquake came in Guatemala 9.40 in the morning, local time.

WSW of AH Ahuachapán, El Salvador & Fifty Three km WSW of Cuilapa, Guatemala has been touched by the quake.

Earthquake in Guatemala has arrived 6 days after eliminating 7.0 on the Richter scale earthquake that caused Haiti death toll of seventy thousand reached yet as reported & cause hundreds of thousands of people could not live.

Republic of Guatemala is a Central American country. Only covers less than one hundred and ten thousand square kilometers with a population estimated fourteen million.

Guatemala's copiousness of biologically important ecosystems & alone conduces to Mesoamerica's name as a biodiversity hot spot.

Guatemala is a steep, left the area south & north Inshore lowland greatly from the competent. Two mountain chains get intoGuatemala from west to east, divides the country into 3 major areas: mountain-plateau is located, while the sea-coast of the Pacific, south of the mountains; & the competent region, the northern mountains. All major cities are located on the Pacific coast & highlands. Competent is meagerly populated. These 3 areas to paint the climate, altitude, and landscape, plying dramatic counterpoints between the hot & humid tropical lowlands and highlands dry bleaker & peak. At four thousand two hundred and twenty meters, Volcan Tajumulco, is the highest point in the countries of Central America
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complete list of Golden Globe winners


Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards had not yet proved to be more entertaining than the Oscars. Hosted by Ricky Gervais, star-studded evening full of fashionable dresses and tuxes and above all, humor.

Line of the night? "If you start playing the violin, I'll tear this joint apart," warned Sherlock Holmes stars Robert Downey Jr. in his speech after he won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by a Motion Picture Actor - Comedy or Musical.

Here is the complete list of winners:

Best Motion Picture - Drama

Best Performance by Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Sandra Bullock, "The Blind Side"

Best Performance by a Motion Picture Actor - Drama
Jeff Bridges, "Crazy Heart"

Best Motion Picture - Comedy or site
"The Hangover"

Best Performance by Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or site
Meryl Streep, "Julie & Julia"

Best Performance by a Motion Picture Actor - Comedy or site
Robert Downey Jr., "Sherlock Holmes"

Best Performance by a Supporting Role Actress in a Motion Picture
Mo'Nique, "Precious"

Best Performance by a Supporting Actor Role in a Motion Picture
Christoph Waltz, "Inglourious Basterds"

Best Animated Feature Film

Best Foreign Language Film
"The White Ribbon"

Best Director - Motion Picture
James Cameron, "Avatar"

Best Screenplay - Motion Picture
Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, "On Air"

Best Original Score - Motion Picture
Michael Giacchino, "Up"

Best Original Song - Motion Picture
"The Weary Kind," "Crazy Heart"

Best Television Series - Drama
"Mad Men"

Best Performance by Actress in a Television Series - Drama
Julianna Margulies, "The Good Wife"

Best Performance by Actor Television Series - Drama
Michael C. Hall, "Dexter"

Best Television Series - Comedy

Best Performance by Actor Television Series - Comedy or site
Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock"

Best Performance by Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or site
Toni Collette, "United States of Tara '

Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
"Gray Gardens"

Best Performance by Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Drew Barrymore, "Gray Gardens"

Best Performance by Actor Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Kevin Bacon, "Taking Chance"

Best Performance by a Supporting Role Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Chloë Sevigny, "Big Love"

Best Performance by a Supporting Actor Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
John Lithgow, "Dexter"
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sophia loren plastic surgery

In public appearances last year, Sophia, who fell out of a low-cut dress even more than usual. Although her décolletage skin looks 73, her breasts looked much newer thanks to breast augmentation. Implants are round and so new that they almost look shiny. Although Sophia is usually a symbol of class, anything but breast implants. It seems that if Sophia wanted to restore their former glory breasts, she could have a breast lift without breast enlargement.

Sophia also has been rumored to have a facelift and Blepharoplasty and Make Me Heal tend to believe the rumors were true. Although Sophia's face has a strange look attractive, she does have a loose skin, indicating that the facelift happened some time ago and have started to settle down. In addition, neck tout enough for her age and she has little jowling along the jaw line, once again suggesting facelift and necklift.

In addition to the facelift, Sophia has also been rumored to have eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). Eyelid operation helps eliminate sagging skin around the eyelids that come with age. Sophia fresh eyes and wide with little signs of under-eye bags or hooding over the eyes, which tend to be caused by eyelid surgery eyelid from the top and bottom.

In the past, Sophia has insisted that sex appeal is constant because "love of life, spaghetti, and the odd bath in olive oil". We know that this young man made drugs only little to do with Sophia still young, and that love of plastic surgery is responsible for himself who can maintain her beauty.
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Roxxxy - the World's First Robot Sex


Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

Nerds and geeks can breathe a sigh of relief: The world's first life-size robotic girlfriend is finally here.

Complete with artificial intelligence and flesh-like synthetic skin, ROXXXY the sex robot was introduced to the world at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

"She can't vacuum, she can't cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean," Douglas Hines, the president of ROXXXY manufacturer TrueCompanion, told the AFP. "She's a companion. She has a personality. She hears you. She listens to you. She speaks. She feels your touch. She goes to sleep. We are trying to replicate a personality of a person."

The Roxxxy is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 120lbs, and "has a full C cup and is ready for action," according to Mr Hines, who was an artificial intelligence engineer at Bell Labs before starting TrueCompanion.

The anatomically-correct robot has an articulated skeleton that can move like a person but can't walk or independently move its limbs. Robotic movement is built into "the three inputs" and a mechanical heart that powers a liquid cooling system.

TrueCompanion has been developing ROXXXY for nearly two decades, according the company's Web site. In 1993, Douglas Hines designed "Trudy," his first sex robot that the inventor admits was not as "user friendly" as the current model. It was during his work at Bell that Hines learned the latest artificial intelligence systems, which assisted him in the development of the robot.

The AVN Adult Entertainment Exposition takes place annually in Sin City, side-by-side with the Consumer Electronics Show. As technology fans convene on Las Vegas for the gadgetfest, they're also given the opportunity to visit AVN for a dose of the content that drives is often assumed to drive technology adoption.

For more on ROXXXY, visit

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Fehmarn Belt bridge to link Germany and Denmark


Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Denmark and Germany signed up last week for the construction of a $8.1 billion (€5.6 billion) road and rail bridge by 2018. This 19 kilometres (12 mi) long bridge will connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland across the Fehmarn Strait in the western Baltic Sea .

The bridge should replace the ferry services and air traffic between the two countries. Sea traffic will be possible underneath the bridge as the vertical clearance will be of 65 m (213 ft).

It will be a cable-stayed bridge with three 724 metres (2,375 ft) long spans, and four pillars about 280 metres (919 ft) tall. It will allow four road lanes and two rail tracks.

The project is comparable to the Øresund Bridge, the Great Belt Bridge or plans for the Strait of Messina Bridge and will be the largest planned infrastructure project in Northern Europe. The route is the main connection between Hamburg, (Hamburg Metropolitan Region), and Copenhagen/Malmö, (Øresund Region); (in German: Vogelfluglinie, in Danish: fugleflugtslinjen) as well as further destinations in Scandinavia. (Wikipedia)

From the total $8.1 billion (€5.6 billion), Denmark will pay €4.8 billion. Germany will only have to pay for the connexion between the bridge and its existing transport infrastructure. Denmark expects to be reimbursed for its expenses through user tolls.

Of course the bridge is very expensive, and Denmark will be transformed into a transit country for neighbouring (Norway and Sweden) exports to Germany.

In Germany, Leif Miller, the head of environmentalist group Nabu, said:

This insane project, which will cost billions, is risky from a global warming perspective and when it comes to protecting the environment and different species. We will stop the construction with all legal means available.

However in Denmark, where the construction of the bridge has been discussed for more than 20 years, some people see it another way:

It means a reduction in emissions of among other things CO2 (carbon dioxide) compared to if ferry traffic between Roedby and Puttgarden continued.
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The Bridge of the Horns is Longest bridge to link Asia and Africa


The Bridge of the Horns, if it really gets built, will be one of the great engineering feats of this century. The will link Yemen (Middle East) to the Island of Perim in the Red Sea and on to Djibouti (Africa) and “write a new chapter in the history of humanity”. The Red Sea is one of the busiest and most important seaways in the world and the construction as well as the service of the bridge will have to allow this heavy transit. The bridge will also allow much greater speed of transit and more cargo and people to be transported from one point to another.

It will be a 28.5 km (17.8 miles) long cable-stayed bridge. The suspension portion of the bridge will be the longest in the world. There will be six lanes of vehicle roadway and 4 rail lines, allowing 100′000 cars and 50′000 rail riders to cross the bridge every day.

Construction should begin in 2009. However, some issues concerning the tax-free metropolises (Al-Noor City) one both ends of the bridge first need to be solved. The first phase will consist of a “signature bridge” spanning from Yemen to the island. The second phase will extend the bridge to Africa.

By 2025 Noor City will have 2.5 millon people and its twin in Yemen will have 4.5 million citizens. An airport serving both cities is expected to attract 100 million passengers per year.

The bridge is part of a large project from Noor City Development Corporation (NCDC) and Middle East Development, from Dubai.

Al-Noor City

Al-Noor City will be a globally integrated city that will supposedly be ”a truly humanitarian effort”

The following is from NCDC:

The project’s goal is:

* Relieving poverty
* Creating equitable standards of living
* Satisfying basic needs of its inhabitants
* Establishing sustainable political practices
* Avoiding irreversible damages to nature
* Reconciling development with regenerative capacity of natural environment

“AL-Noor City” will be unprecedented in size and sophistication, driven by a logistics infrastructure to be serviced by air, sea, rail, road and communications. The city is to provide global, physical and virtual connectivity around the world, as well as optimum efficiency for these sectors/markets among them in order to integrate and create an added value nexus:

A Knowledge Hub

A campus to leverage Al cities’ high educational competence to develop the provision of knowledge,
learning and research, whilst capturing and maintaining high-caliber talent. It will include:

* Foundation centers (R&D)
* Higher education campuses
* College and vocational training facilities
* Medical and health centers and facilities
* Townships of knowledge

These facilities are overlaid within the logistics infrastructure that enables business to receive global supplies, manufacture and then export. It supports and enhances businesses competing within the global marketplace that recognize they have no choice but to respond where there is a demonstrable improvement in efficiencies and profitability. It will include:

* Seaport
* Port city
* Business center
* Industrial center
* Industrial park
* Logistic city
* Airport and aviation city

A Tourism and Leisure Center

This center will enhance Al cities’ attractiveness and draw tourists throughout the year to undeveloped parts of the Mediterranean edge. It will include:

* Resort hotels
* Maritime museum
* Entertainment
* Art city
* Institutional zone
* City center

It is also essential that the proposed program initially address the laws and policies so that appropriate legal drafting can be introduced to propose required changes to the relevant and applicable laws of the city to make the above aspirations to become a reality.

More Info

Noor City Development Corporation:
Al Noor Cities Project:
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Amazing Building Constructions

Here are some pictures of amazing and particular constructions I found all over the net.

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Burj Dubai, Highest Building in the World, Can See Iran from peak


Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Although construction has not completed 100 percent, the world's tallest building, Burj Dubai, was inaugurated Tuesday (5 / 1) dawn of time Indonesia. With diresmikannya building 818 meters high, it is hoped international attention to the financial crisis that hit the United Arab Emirates could be replaced with the Burj Dubai.

Understand it, this building was recorded as the highest in the world, shifting the position of Taipei 101 building in Taiwan is high 'only' 509 meters. There is another CN Tower in Canada that has 555 meters high, but are not classified as buildings.

The fireworks display and light into the ceremonial inauguration of the construction of the building reached 1.5 billion U.S. dollars (USD 13.9 billion) this. Local media say, of 1,000 security personnel to secure the way down the building dedication. The day before the big event, janitors cleaning windows and floors of the building Burj Dubai.

Emaar, developer companies whose shares are largely controlled by the government expected international focus this time is the future potential of Dubai, rather than bring up mistakes of the past government, given the tarnished image of Dubai as the debt problem.

"The crisis came and went. This city continues to grow. We must keep moving because if you stop taking the decision, it will not be able to grow, "said Mohammed Alabbar, Director of Emaar Properties before the inauguration.

According to Alabbar, 90 percent of the building being sold is the combination of apartments, offices and other spaces.
"Burj Dubai is the new standard skyscrapers. The higher we build, it turns out we realized that we could build more than originally planned, "said Bill Baker, civil engineers and stylists building structure of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), a company that designed the building.
According to Baker, his department learned a lot from the construction of the Burj Dubai building this. In fact, he estimates could build as high as 1 km or even higher.

Building construction began in 2004, with all the financial problems in it. Burj Dubai has a design and construction of the latest technology. Structure of needle-shaped building with construction of concrete, steel and glass. This building consists of 160 floors with an area of 330,000 cubic meters. Burj Dubai building is equipped with 49 floors of offices, apartments and 1044 for the 57 elevator occupants. There are also hotels bearing the logo designer Giorgio Armani.

I was so high, Burj Dubai's spire can be seen from a distance of 100 km. Even from the 124th floor of a skyscraper that people can see the Iranian nation, the distance at 80 km from Dubai.

Burj Dubai has a Y-shaped design, which is the design architect Adrian Smith. Y shape is used to support the core structure of the tower, which has narrowed over height. At the top of the building has a steel structure with a large tower child. In the final stage of concrete must be raised to a height of 605 meters.

Although property prices in Dubai had dropped 50 percent last year, but brokers believe the property prices are offered at the Burj Dubai will not fall too drastically
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Video Sex Tiger Woods


tv - leaked tiger woods sex tape_1

Golfer Tiger Woods, seem not to escape from the sex scandal. Not long ago, a woman claimed to have circulated a video showing his sexual relationship with one of the richest athletes in the world.

As of the Celeb Mania was launched on Tuesday (5/1/2010), Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment bosses admitted it. He revealed his side had seen about 30 seconds of the video.

However, Steven is still reluctant to disclose if the man in the video that is Tiger. Today, it still identifies people in the video. He just gave the video statement was made two years ago.

Still in touch with Tiger Woods, the man who is now 34-year-old will appear on the cover of the magazine 'Vanity Fair's', the upcoming February 2010 edition. In the photograph taken by renowned photographer, Annie Leibovit, Tiger posing topless.

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6.5 Earthquake Hits Solomon Islands


Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

A 6.5 earthquake off the Solomon Islands caused alarm Monday morning, shaking homes across the island chain.

The quake struck at 8:48am local time 88 kms (55 miles) south-southeast of Gizo at a depth of 10 kms (6 miles) according to the USGS.

The location of the quake placed it in the Pacific on the Papua New Guinea side of the Solomons, with open water to Queensland
to the South West.

The were no reports of damage at the time of writing. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a “Tsunami Information Statement (high)” rating for the quake, a step below an actual tsunami warning. The Australian Tsunami Warning Centre issued no alerts.

Update: second quake hits Solomon Islands.

source :
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5 Most Ugliest Bald Animals

Like in humans, baldness can be seen in animals as well. Hair loss in animals can be because of a lot of reasons including hormonal imbalance. We may have seen bald cats where there a lot of spot on the cat which are bald. This can be because of stress and is called as alopecia. Hypothyroidism is found to be the cause in a lot of bald dogs.

Sometimes the balding is accompanied by itching and soreness and can be because of allergies as well. People have often noticed that their pet rats have gone bald in some areas. Usually the bald rat can be the doing of a cage-mate. If there are no other symptoms, you wont have to worry much about this.

Bald bears can be very ugly the baldness can be caused by a lot of agents including fur diseases. Unlike people, baldness in animals is not limited only to the head and usually spreads all over the body. There have been a lot of bald chimpanzees in zoos and the cause of baldness often goes unanswered. Even though these animals look ugly, they attract a lot of attention because of their unusual condition.

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10 Strangest Contact Lenses

If you want something out of the ordinary when it comes to contact lenses then you might want to have a look at these special effect lenses, also known as crazy contacts or Halloween contact lenses, right from Hollywood plots. From a happy face to a soccer ball, see some of the craziest contact lenses ever worn.

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