Burj Dubai, Highest Building in the World, Can See Iran from peak


Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Although construction has not completed 100 percent, the world's tallest building, Burj Dubai, was inaugurated Tuesday (5 / 1) dawn of time Indonesia. With diresmikannya building 818 meters high, it is hoped international attention to the financial crisis that hit the United Arab Emirates could be replaced with the Burj Dubai.

Understand it, this building was recorded as the highest in the world, shifting the position of Taipei 101 building in Taiwan is high 'only' 509 meters. There is another CN Tower in Canada that has 555 meters high, but are not classified as buildings.

The fireworks display and light into the ceremonial inauguration of the construction of the building reached 1.5 billion U.S. dollars (USD 13.9 billion) this. Local media say, of 1,000 security personnel to secure the way down the building dedication. The day before the big event, janitors cleaning windows and floors of the building Burj Dubai.

Emaar, developer companies whose shares are largely controlled by the government expected international focus this time is the future potential of Dubai, rather than bring up mistakes of the past government, given the tarnished image of Dubai as the debt problem.

"The crisis came and went. This city continues to grow. We must keep moving because if you stop taking the decision, it will not be able to grow, "said Mohammed Alabbar, Director of Emaar Properties before the inauguration.

According to Alabbar, 90 percent of the building being sold is the combination of apartments, offices and other spaces.
"Burj Dubai is the new standard skyscrapers. The higher we build, it turns out we realized that we could build more than originally planned, "said Bill Baker, civil engineers and stylists building structure of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), a company that designed the building.
According to Baker, his department learned a lot from the construction of the Burj Dubai building this. In fact, he estimates could build as high as 1 km or even higher.

Building construction began in 2004, with all the financial problems in it. Burj Dubai has a design and construction of the latest technology. Structure of needle-shaped building with construction of concrete, steel and glass. This building consists of 160 floors with an area of 330,000 cubic meters. Burj Dubai building is equipped with 49 floors of offices, apartments and 1044 for the 57 elevator occupants. There are also hotels bearing the logo designer Giorgio Armani.

I was so high, Burj Dubai's spire can be seen from a distance of 100 km. Even from the 124th floor of a skyscraper that people can see the Iranian nation, the distance at 80 km from Dubai.

Burj Dubai has a Y-shaped design, which is the design architect Adrian Smith. Y shape is used to support the core structure of the tower, which has narrowed over height. At the top of the building has a steel structure with a large tower child. In the final stage of concrete must be raised to a height of 605 meters.

Although property prices in Dubai had dropped 50 percent last year, but brokers believe the property prices are offered at the Burj Dubai will not fall too drastically
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Video Sex Tiger Woods


tv - leaked tiger woods sex tape_1

Golfer Tiger Woods, seem not to escape from the sex scandal. Not long ago, a woman claimed to have circulated a video showing his sexual relationship with one of the richest athletes in the world.

As of the Celeb Mania was launched on Tuesday (5/1/2010), Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment bosses admitted it. He revealed his side had seen about 30 seconds of the video.

However, Steven is still reluctant to disclose if the man in the video that is Tiger. Today, it still identifies people in the video. He just gave the video statement was made two years ago.

Still in touch with Tiger Woods, the man who is now 34-year-old will appear on the cover of the magazine 'Vanity Fair's', the upcoming February 2010 edition. In the photograph taken by renowned photographer, Annie Leibovit, Tiger posing topless.

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6.5 Earthquake Hits Solomon Islands


Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

A 6.5 earthquake off the Solomon Islands caused alarm Monday morning, shaking homes across the island chain.

The quake struck at 8:48am local time 88 kms (55 miles) south-southeast of Gizo at a depth of 10 kms (6 miles) according to the USGS.

The location of the quake placed it in the Pacific on the Papua New Guinea side of the Solomons, with open water to Queensland
to the South West.

The were no reports of damage at the time of writing. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a “Tsunami Information Statement (high)” rating for the quake, a step below an actual tsunami warning. The Australian Tsunami Warning Centre issued no alerts.

Update: second quake hits Solomon Islands.

source : inquisitr.com
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5 Most Ugliest Bald Animals

Like in humans, baldness can be seen in animals as well. Hair loss in animals can be because of a lot of reasons including hormonal imbalance. We may have seen bald cats where there a lot of spot on the cat which are bald. This can be because of stress and is called as alopecia. Hypothyroidism is found to be the cause in a lot of bald dogs.

Sometimes the balding is accompanied by itching and soreness and can be because of allergies as well. People have often noticed that their pet rats have gone bald in some areas. Usually the bald rat can be the doing of a cage-mate. If there are no other symptoms, you wont have to worry much about this.

Bald bears can be very ugly the baldness can be caused by a lot of agents including fur diseases. Unlike people, baldness in animals is not limited only to the head and usually spreads all over the body. There have been a lot of bald chimpanzees in zoos and the cause of baldness often goes unanswered. Even though these animals look ugly, they attract a lot of attention because of their unusual condition.

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10 Strangest Contact Lenses

If you want something out of the ordinary when it comes to contact lenses then you might want to have a look at these special effect lenses, also known as crazy contacts or Halloween contact lenses, right from Hollywood plots. From a happy face to a soccer ball, see some of the craziest contact lenses ever worn.

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bikini, Lindsay Lohan Circuit City


Actress Lindsay Lohan became the center of attention while on vacation in St. Barts, Caribbean region, the last New Year holidays. Lindsay became a spectacle as the action around the city with only a bikini.

St. Barts is the beach area. The people who vacation there was certainly dressed the beach. Lindsay did, too.

Stars 'Mean Girls' was seen wearing a black bikini. But the bikini is not only dipakaianya time at the beach or near the beach.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (4/1/2010), Lindsay decided to wear it when he was around the area of St. Barts. He looks just as wearing a bikini in some souvenir shopping.

In contrast to his brother, sister Lindsay, Ali, chose to cover her bottom with floral skirt. It's just that for his boss, Ali was also still wearing a bikini.
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Predicted Disconnect, Jolie-Pitt still tender in 2010


Divination end in 2010, apparently did not affect the relationship Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. At the beginning of this year, they still look harmonious.

Pitt accompanied Jolie is still undergoing re-shoot some scenes her new film, "Salt." Filming took place in New York City, United States.

The handsome actor is also still acting as a loyal father. He was seen carrying two champion, Maddox and Pax, eating in restaurants, Dave & Buster's, after accompanying his girlfriend filming.

Although intimacy is shown, it still predicted that Jolie and Pitt will still blow tight end. A source close to the couple said that even if the couple with six children will be disbanded at the end of 2010.

"Both are very not get along. Arguments happen more frequently," said the source, as reported by the National Enquirer, Monday (4/1/2010).

Still according to the sources, only a matter of time for Jolie and Pitt declared their romance broke up. Moreover, before blowing word when Jolie had asked for permission to Pitt for the affair.
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Megan Fox sexiest actress in 2009


Megan Fox appearances in the movie sequel 'Transformers,' really left an impression. No wonder if Megan was crowned as the sexiest actress in 2009.

Internet site based in America, AOL, the movie site, Moviefone, held a poll to choose who and what are the best and worst in 2009. There are at least 238 thousand respondents made following the poll before the turn of the year.

Reporting from Moviefone, Monday (4/1/2009), there are 55 percent of respondents who chose the actress Megan Terseksi in 2009. As for the sexiest actor title, fell on Robert Pattinson. There were 46.5 percent of respondents who chose it.

AOL poll was based on the movie "The Hangover," was chosen as the best comedy in 2009. Almost 3 / 4 percent of respondents chose movie starring Bradley Cooper's.

AOL's poll also asked respondents what movie worth watching in 2010. Winner of the question is the third film 'Twilight,' 'Eclipse. "
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Striking Back Hand Warts Dede 'Tree Man'


Dede (38) wart disease patients more commonly known as the human tree, which will again undergo surgical removal of warts on RSHS Bandung next month. Warts back in the hands of spread Dede.

"He said he wanted to rest first, tired back and forth, probably next month," said Chairman Tim Handling Dede, Rachmat Dinata, when contacted via phone, Sunday evening (3/12/2010).

Rachmat said, from the information it receives from Dede's family, warts are spread on the hands back Dede. However, Dede was able to perform daily activities.

"If that is in front of the chest and back is not spread, just at hand," he explained.

Dede who is a citizen Village Bunder RT 1 RW 06 Desa Tanjungjaya, Sub Cihampelas West Bandung regency, during the removal operation facilities provided free by the hospital.

"RSHS ready for it, for free. Enggak free of charge," said Rachmat.

According to the procedure before surgery, Dede will be observed for the preparation of the operation steps. Rachmat said it could not predict the thickness of the warts that attack Dede hand.

In February 2009, Dede Wart removal surgery a ninth. In operation, the doctors managed to raise 1.6 kg of warts that nest in the face, neck, chest, and diluting warts on both hands

"The goal is to reduce the remnants of warts and improve hand to function again," said Chief Surgeon Dr. Tim Hardisiswo time.
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