Demi Moore on the Twitter called Old


Senin, 21 Desember 2009

a month-monthly Twitternya account. Aston Kutcher's wife was called by the parents of his follower.

After a mockery because the pose on the cover of so-called fake, now back to being a victim By scorn on Twitternya own account. When uploading new images, a less mengenakkan comments received by Demi.

"Sorry, but you look very old. Especially the neck and cheek," said a commentary in the Account's ex-wife was the actor Bruce Willis.

Although unpleasant comments received, Demi did not then get mad and swear she swore out. He calmly replied that comment.

"I'm 47 years old, did I have to look like what?" For writes like detikhot Dailymail quotes from, Saturday (19/12/2009).

To mencaga beauty in half a century before usiua, Demi reportedly had to spend as much as 180 thousand pockets Sterlling pound, or approximately USD 1.7 billion. Wow!. Even so, still, a lot of criticism against the body or the beauty of the stars 'Ghost'

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