Leaves from Aerosmith, Steven Tyler Rehab Login


Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith lead singer, insisted on leave from the band's name is raised. Instead of resting, Steven actually entered rehab.

Sign in rehab for the second time was certainly not the main reason for Steven to leave. But some time ago the other Aerosmith personnel revealed that the possibility of Steven retreat because of the influence of drugs.

Steven is now in intensive care due to dependence on painkillers. 61-year-old rocker was not even embarrassed by his condition.

"With the help of family and professional treatment team will be responsible for the mistakes I failed to overcome the pain," said Steven as reported by NME, Monday (28/12/2009).

Although the personnel leave Aerosmith Steven refused permission, but the father of actor Liv Tyler is convinced that his band will not leave. Aerosmith plan to seek a new vocalist while Steven hoped the problem resolved soon.

"I can not wait to return to the stage and into the recording studio with my band friends," he added.

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