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Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

amazing Ambiance

A Hint of Train

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 10:03 PM PDT

A Hint of Train

October 19, 2011 at 1:03 am (By Ron)

The other day a large old-fashioned steam train was being pulled by a diesel on the track right in front of my house…. I couldn't get to my camera in time!  But yesterday, I heard them coming and I raced to get the train on video….with the great steam whistle blasting away!

Here goes….

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I ran out of space on the memory stick of the camera just before it hit the intersection and blew the mighty steam whistle!  You can hear my annoyance at the end there!  Ah, well….a bit of cinema verite for you all!  At least you can see the train at the beginning of the clip…


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