Amazing natural events ( Norway Spiral )


Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

mysterious blue spiral light appeared over Norway, leading to much speculation.

The large blue spiral appeared in Norway’s skies early this morning. What started off as a blue light soaring up from behind a mountain stopped mid-air!

It quickly morphed into a giant spiral that hung in the sky for about ten to twelve minutes, depending on the eyewitnesses’ account. It then disappeared completely!

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has been inundated with calls, but astronomers have no idea what it was. Any connection with the season’s aurora has been quickly dismissed.

Some believe it may have been Russia testing missiles over the ocean, however the government has already denied this. Was it something more mysterious, like a UFO?

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  1. i think it must be a military project.thanks for share nice info ^_^

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