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Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Continuation of the case of electronic mail versus Mulyasari Prita Omni International Hospital received international attention. Prestigious U.S. newspaper, The New York Times made the story as a profile in Prita World pages, edition of last Saturday, December 5

Article entitled ‘Trapped Inside a Broken Judicial System After hitting Send’ talk about Prita case from the beginning until the current situation. To quote from the revelation Prita legal counsel, ‘From email to jail’. NYT also interviewed Prita and his family. “Small people always lose in the eyes of the authorities in this country. My case got widespread sympathy because I like it, “said Prita.

NYT also highlighted the weakness of law enforcement and a lot of legal gaps that can be used in the Indonesian legal system. Many times quoted statements such as: world’s most corrupt legal system, judges, prosecutors, officials are easily bribed, and the legal dispute as police officers - Attorney - Corruption Eradication Commission.

No escape from this paper is the number of cases that happen to ordinary people who were dragged to court. They cite the case of Grandma kakaonya Minah with seeds and cases of people who recharge cell phone battery but convicted of stealing electricity [republikaonline]

Caring Coins Posko Prita, Caring But Not Know

Have you heard the name Caring Coins Prita Command Post? This post is different from other post-pos. Usually post was established to help victims of natural disasters such as post flood, or earthquake victims pos matter. However Posko Prita Caring Coins founded on the basis of public awareness of the Prita Mulyasari to pay a fine worth 204 million to Omni International Hospital for baik.Demikian defamation case presented one initiator Posko seoarang Prita Caring Coins, Esti in a house in Jalan Wildlife Park Number 48 is used as Command Post, Saturday (5 / 12). “We’re a collection of parents who consider children’s health. Mrs. Prita not so far from his son, ngebayangin what if we are hit. Oh well we-together with my Mom Prita help, “said Esti.

Uniquely, the initiators were Posko Caring Coins previous Prita Prita Mulyasari not know. They only know Prita from the media and by Esti, Prita did not know them. “We do not know each other. I know Mrs. Prita from the media. And Mrs. Prita may know us from the media, too, “said Esti.

Nevertheless, Caring Coins Posko Prita continue to provide moral support to Prita Mulyasari by collecting coins Prita Care. “This spontaneous movement, more’s the moral support, not know how many numbers,” said Esti.

Caring Coins Prita post housed in an ordinary house in the complex PWR number 60, in Wildlife Park Street Number 48 Jakarta, without a signpost or a banner that shows identity. This post is opened from morning until five in the afternoon.

In addition to the Wildlife Park Road there are seven other post in Jakarta and eleven outside Jakarta. Until now has recorded 23 people who came to donate coins, the rest do not want to be recorded. As reported earlier, Internet users, or “netter” Caring Coins to collect Prita Prita Mulyasari to help pay the fine to 204 million rupiah Omni International Hospital.

Caring Coins Prita became increasingly.

When Caring Prita Posko coin collectors as Prita Care opened in yesterday afternoon, coins collected only a quarter of a cardboard box of mineral water. But today, the accumulated coins has reached one and a half boxes of mineral water, two glass bottles were, and one big piggy bank.

“People are very enthusiastic. Yesterday afternoon’s right post to open just a bit, a quarter of a cardboard box is. Now there segini, bottles, and the piggy bank, “said Esti, one of the initiators Caring Coins in the Command Post Prita Care Prita, Wildlife Parks Road No. 48 Jakarta, Saturday (5 / 12).

We found, who dominated the coin collection of Rp 500 being moved from a small plastic into the box. Until now, Esti claimed not to know for sure about the value of all coins collected. “I do not know how exact amounts. Not yet counted, “said Esti.

Nevertheless, seen from the growing number and variety of coins among the people who come to donate, Esti optimistic that the number of coins will continue to grow. “Optimistic yes. This aja many call me, would love coins. The news from home, so many have contributed. From Depok, Cilegon, a lot, so I’m optimistic, “said Esti.

Increasing the number of coins to Coins Care Prita shows that public support for large Mulyasari Prita. Various segments of society, ranging from children, parents, to foreign nationals contributing coin. The numbers vary, ranging from Rp 1,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Prita: Money Coins Little People Power Symbols

Prita Mulyasari, accused of defamation cases Hospital Omni International, Serpong, Tangerang City Southern (Tangsel), Banten, moved to coin money donations from the community to compensate him for the hospital.

“Donations of money coin symbol of people power so small that I appreciated,” said Prita at his home in Bintaro, South Tangerang, Sunday (6 / 12).

Prita said, donations from the public dime and students as students SMP 17 Tangsel is feeling concern for him.

He explains, for her coin is a symbol of the little people who struggle for justice that they do not get, as he faced.

“Money coin the smallest things, but for me it was the greatest contribution of the people,” said Prita.

Prita said he felt like a small property can not bear to see the suffering he experienced. Meanwhile, donations from the community is a symbol of the struggle to obtain justice.

In addition to the attention of the little people, according Prita, “facebookers” and blogers “continue to provide support to her face case at hand.

Meanwhile, a teacher SMPN 17 Tangsel, Sumaryono said Monday (7 / 12) scores 17 SMP students plan to visit the home Tangsel Prita to contribute to the Prita coins.

“We invite students to submit contributions to Prita coin, if it’s tomorrow to meet with Prita,” said Sumaryono.

Need Caring Coins Prita Recehan 2.5 Ton

“We’ve calculated that the coin USD $ 500-an takes about 2.5 tons,” said Samsul, one of the movers “Caring Coins Prita,” when contacted by phone on Friday (4 / 12) night.

He said the outbreak of the background of this movement is a form of sympathy for the Mulyasari Prita sentenced to pay a fine because it accused of libel by e-mail. In fact, what is Prita complaints because they feel that do not receive satisfactory service from OMNI International Hospital.

“Actually we gemes why Prita was actually abused the law. Why only because consumers are complaining kok result, “said Samsul when contacted by telephone. According to him, the collection of donations in the form of coins is a form of support to the Prita and protests against the International OMNI RS.

All coins collected will be submitted in the form of what it is to RS International OMNI Alam Sutera if these fines should be paid Prita. “When you make a fuss submitted OMNI,” he said

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