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Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

A Russian website lists 10 Remember Me sex scandal in 2009. These sex scandals involving political leaders, important people, celebrities, famous athletes, businessmen and even class trout. There are 10 excerpts interesting story about the important people are. Includes case Megan Fox sex and porn videos famous pop singer Rihanna.

But a little-known world is a sex scandal in South India Governor, ND Tiwari, who stir. Imagine, trailers 'porn films' sudden disebuah national television channel that State, and was the main actor is the governor who has 86 years of age. Hebohnya again, the old governor was sex with three women at once. Suddenly, Indian society mad for that embarrassing incident. How the continuation of the story, please read the! published in two editions continued.

Another interesting sex scandal is a shocking story of the famous artist in South Korea. Probably because not stand it any longer, he finally had to write confessions during 7 pages, whose contents, he was forced to perform sex with powerful men in the country's ginseng, which made him not take it anymore.

There are 10 fragments which must have interesting stories to make you surprised that the news had escaped the mass media homeland was occupied with the case and acrobat Century homeland politicians. Well congratulations to enjoy interesting stories of this. Please note, all these events occurred during 2009 and.

1. Tiger Woods sex scandal is placed on the first rank. According to the media at least Tiger Woods has seven reserves. Woods wife, Elin Nordegren, was so enraged her husband's infidelity will, and the pursuit of Woods with a golf club. Woods panic trying to escape by driving her car, but he lost control of his car hit a fire hydrant so that and a tree.

2. Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy, had an affair! That's not really a new story again. This rich man was known to be fond of women. The bad temper is not lost even though he had served as prime minister. Age not a barrier for Berlusconi if he was fond of women. Even 18-year-old teen allegedly dipacarinya too. In the list of this world sex scandal, Berlusconi took second place. Recently an Italian prostitute, Patrizia D'Addario Berlusconi reveals affair with the prostitute. At least according to Patrizia, he had been 'playing' with 20 prostitutes. Berlusconi did not deny the fact he used sexual services, but he thinks he does not pay for it.

3. In third place was the sex scandals famous director Roman Polanski. This case and a discussion mengemukan where where when he was arrested in Switzerland. Actually, this case has long been that 30 years ago, for some reason just now Polanski was arrested. Precisely in the year 1977 he was accused of sexual contact with children under age. Polanski through his lawyer objected to the case, but the Court of Appeal of California, declined.

4. Famous fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander made the surprise fashion and do not believe, because kebejatannya. Apparently, throughout his career he has repeatedly rape, sexual abuse of the young model young. Many young girls young models who want to be forced to serve the desires of the designer famous bejad it. Age of the victims between 14-21 years. Fortunately, this case finally exposed and Anand Jon Alexander was thrown into prison.

6. In March 2009, former Israeli President Katsav Mosche get serious allegations of rape and sexual harassment to the number of employees. According to investigators, Katsav rape against two subordinates when he served as Minister of Tourism. He is also accused of sexual harassment on two women who worked in the office of President. The rape occurred in 1998. Until now it was embarrassing case the court has not decided.

7. Again and again scandals Israeli officials. This case involves peranakans Minister of Israel, Haim Ramon, who eventually lost everything in dibinanya political career just because of habit could not contain his passion in women.

This embarrassing scandal occurred in 2006. When it was after the meeting at Ramon's office in Tel Aviv, a female employee asked him for taking photos. Ramon agreed but then he suddenly kissed her. The woman was shocked and humiliated the treatment Ramon and report these cases. Investigation of sexual harassment case that was opened, results, Ramon was convicted of sexual harassment. Embarrassing!

8. Iran closely watching its citizens, including the influence of (perceived) bad from the outside, especially the western culture. Which includes supervised is a matter of fashion and life style people. For some like, but no more adequate explanation of the case, but the security forces arrested 12 couples and a flunky, because of the life style that is not in accordance with State policy. Those arrested include civil servants, high officials are also professors.

9. Saudi Arabian court sentenced 22 years imprisonment for journalist LBC Channel, Rozanna Al Yami, plus a whip punishment 60 times. Journalists who also produced the Lebanese LBC television show based in Saudi, is, punished for producing a talk show that smelled of sex. Talk show that for the Lebanese television channel showing the sex lives of Saudi men. According to the court, she should not disseminate information about sex life (sex) a Muslim.

10. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, stripped of his title. Yg title controversial dismissal led to various speculations. Some call because he had posed half-naked and the picture image is now spread across the internet, but there was a call for a statement that the controversy surrounding Carrie sex.

But the official reason for his dismissal is said that Carrie had violated the contract by not attending the event which has become a duty. But it membatah Carrie, thought must be a reason for dismissal was a statement of support for sexual relations between the sexes.

Carrie lost his title in May 2009, along with photographs of the heat spread in the media online. However milyander Donald Trump, helped secure the crown. Thanks to the influence of Trump, Miss California crown was returned to the head of Carrie Prejean.

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