Top 10 Ugly People in the World


Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

10 – Carrot Top = steroids + cosmetic surgery + red hair.

9 – Your stereotypical geek/nerd/dweeb from high school.

8 – Amazing talent from China huh? His caucasian cousin is below.

7 – This guy is just really ugly enough said.

6 – Sam Cassell AKA Mr. UFO.

5 – Verne Troyer AKA Mini-Me.

4 – This guy needs to visit the dentist soon!

3 – Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern Radio Show.

2 – Yu Zhenhuan AKA “King Kong” from China. He is single ladies!

And… The Number One is….
?Michael Jackson?
do I need to say more?

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  1. lmfao

  2. Michael jackson was not ugly! And I think carrot top should of been number 1

  3. You ugly mother fucker I will eat your dick in a soup, Eel soup to be precise

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