Only first photos in the owrld


Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Weird News : Nouvelles de Téléphone et Gadgets : 1826 - The first photo in the world

1839 - First nude photo

1856 - First underwater photo
P.S. Correction.
The first underwater photograph was taken in 1856 by William Thompson. It showed seaweed and rocks in Weymouth Harbor. This photograph of a diver is from a much later era Š perhaps 1893 by Louis Boutan and it is not an underwater photograph since Boutan took his photos from a diving helmet. William Thompson's camera was immersed in the sea.

1858 - First photo from the air

1861 - First photo in color

1946 - First photo from the space

1968 - First Photo of whole Earth

1975 - First Photo of Venus

2005 - First Photo of the planet out of our solar system

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