Wooden Art: Livio De Marchi (amazing works)


Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Weird News : Nouvelles de Téléphone et Gadgets : Livio De Marchi came to our attention when another craftsman suggested we take a look at his work. While it is normally our practice to display the work of craftsmen who might not otherwise come to the attention of the public, and Mr. De Marchi’s work has become known world-wide, we felt the quality of his carving skills merited our placing it with that of our other expert craftsmen who might not be so well known. In addition, Mr. De Marchi’s work displays a certain sense of whimsical contrast between subject and material that jars the senses. The soft folds of cloth on a table, women’s underclothes hanging on a clothesline or the sensuous curves and mechanical detail of a full size Ferrari F50 are not the usual subjects of a wood carver. When something in America is described as “wooden” it often has the meaning of being stiff, stilted and ungainly. His work, though carved from wood, is anything but “wooden” in that sense. In addition, the common woods he uses, knots and all, make it clear that he is not trying to disguise the nature of the medium.

His work has been honored many times as art, but we would like to honor him here for the expert craftsmanship in wood, as that must first be mastered before the art can be created. We hope you enjoy this slight departure from our usual displays in this museum.


His House

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