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Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

Since the beginning of the surface, Tiger Woods's affair rolling like a snowball. At first only three women, but now the number reached 10 and is predicted to continue to grow.

Has so far not known exactly how many women became friends affair Woods. But as more and more negative news pouring over world number one golfer, the list that appears even more.

After initially only three, the number of women who claimed to have slept with jumlnya Woods has more than 10. Here are the names of these women cited from various sources:

Rachel Uchitel is one of the first name that appears when the first issue of infidelity spread Woods. The waiter at a club in New York is expected to be debated Woods with his wife which then tails accident almost three weeks ago.

The second name that came up was Jamie Grubbs. Women are also the waiter could claim a relationship with Woods for 31 months. Recognition Grubbs convincing enough because he had recorded voice message from Woods.

The third is the Kalika Moquin. In his confession, the manager of a club in Las Vegas, said that Woods had told her if she was not happy with his family life with Elin Nordegren.

Woods did not just go out with a single woman for a single childless woman named Cori invited Rist also admitted an affair. Woods relationship with 31-year woman lasted two and a half years.

Also surprising is the recognition of Jamie Jungers. Sexy model from Las Vegas was admitted sleeping with Woods when his father, Earl Woods, died in 2007.

At number six was another waitress named Mindy Lawton who claimed to have contact with Woods in a variety of different locations. Both met at a restaurant where Lawton worked, located close to one of the houses in the area of Woods Florida.

The next sequence is occupied Holly Sampson, a porn star who is also his profession as a dancer. The two first met when Sampson was a 'dancer' in a surprise birthday party Woods. Blonde girl is admitted directly to spend the night with Woods in a room five-star hotel suite in California.

Joslyn James is another porn star who claimed to have slept with Woods.

After that there was prostitute named Loredana Jolie, who called her pimp as "female customers Woods".

Julie Postle is the tenth woman who allegedly had an affair with the Woods. A close friend called if Woods Postle had talked to his mistress was that his marriage to Elin just to maintain its image alone.

The list does not stop there because there are at least three other women who claimed to have an affair with Woods but still reluctant to open her identity. Until now the three speaking through lawyers who represented.

One of three women who had not opened his identity was supposed to be famous because people identified as host British section.

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