5 Most Ugliest Bald Animals


Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Like in humans, baldness can be seen in animals as well. Hair loss in animals can be because of a lot of reasons including hormonal imbalance. We may have seen bald cats where there a lot of spot on the cat which are bald. This can be because of stress and is called as alopecia. Hypothyroidism is found to be the cause in a lot of bald dogs.

Sometimes the balding is accompanied by itching and soreness and can be because of allergies as well. People have often noticed that their pet rats have gone bald in some areas. Usually the bald rat can be the doing of a cage-mate. If there are no other symptoms, you wont have to worry much about this.

Bald bears can be very ugly the baldness can be caused by a lot of agents including fur diseases. Unlike people, baldness in animals is not limited only to the head and usually spreads all over the body. There have been a lot of bald chimpanzees in zoos and the cause of baldness often goes unanswered. Even though these animals look ugly, they attract a lot of attention because of their unusual condition.

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