Striking Back Hand Warts Dede 'Tree Man'


Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Dede (38) wart disease patients more commonly known as the human tree, which will again undergo surgical removal of warts on RSHS Bandung next month. Warts back in the hands of spread Dede.

"He said he wanted to rest first, tired back and forth, probably next month," said Chairman Tim Handling Dede, Rachmat Dinata, when contacted via phone, Sunday evening (3/12/2010).

Rachmat said, from the information it receives from Dede's family, warts are spread on the hands back Dede. However, Dede was able to perform daily activities.

"If that is in front of the chest and back is not spread, just at hand," he explained.

Dede who is a citizen Village Bunder RT 1 RW 06 Desa Tanjungjaya, Sub Cihampelas West Bandung regency, during the removal operation facilities provided free by the hospital.

"RSHS ready for it, for free. Enggak free of charge," said Rachmat.

According to the procedure before surgery, Dede will be observed for the preparation of the operation steps. Rachmat said it could not predict the thickness of the warts that attack Dede hand.

In February 2009, Dede Wart removal surgery a ninth. In operation, the doctors managed to raise 1.6 kg of warts that nest in the face, neck, chest, and diluting warts on both hands

"The goal is to reduce the remnants of warts and improve hand to function again," said Chief Surgeon Dr. Tim Hardisiswo time.

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