Megan Fox sexiest actress in 2009


Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Megan Fox appearances in the movie sequel 'Transformers,' really left an impression. No wonder if Megan was crowned as the sexiest actress in 2009.

Internet site based in America, AOL, the movie site, Moviefone, held a poll to choose who and what are the best and worst in 2009. There are at least 238 thousand respondents made following the poll before the turn of the year.

Reporting from Moviefone, Monday (4/1/2009), there are 55 percent of respondents who chose the actress Megan Terseksi in 2009. As for the sexiest actor title, fell on Robert Pattinson. There were 46.5 percent of respondents who chose it.

AOL poll was based on the movie "The Hangover," was chosen as the best comedy in 2009. Almost 3 / 4 percent of respondents chose movie starring Bradley Cooper's.

AOL's poll also asked respondents what movie worth watching in 2010. Winner of the question is the third film 'Twilight,' 'Eclipse. "

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