Burj Dubai, Highest Building in the World, Can See Iran from peak


Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Although construction has not completed 100 percent, the world's tallest building, Burj Dubai, was inaugurated Tuesday (5 / 1) dawn of time Indonesia. With diresmikannya building 818 meters high, it is hoped international attention to the financial crisis that hit the United Arab Emirates could be replaced with the Burj Dubai.

Understand it, this building was recorded as the highest in the world, shifting the position of Taipei 101 building in Taiwan is high 'only' 509 meters. There is another CN Tower in Canada that has 555 meters high, but are not classified as buildings.

The fireworks display and light into the ceremonial inauguration of the construction of the building reached 1.5 billion U.S. dollars (USD 13.9 billion) this. Local media say, of 1,000 security personnel to secure the way down the building dedication. The day before the big event, janitors cleaning windows and floors of the building Burj Dubai.

Emaar, developer companies whose shares are largely controlled by the government expected international focus this time is the future potential of Dubai, rather than bring up mistakes of the past government, given the tarnished image of Dubai as the debt problem.

"The crisis came and went. This city continues to grow. We must keep moving because if you stop taking the decision, it will not be able to grow, "said Mohammed Alabbar, Director of Emaar Properties before the inauguration.

According to Alabbar, 90 percent of the building being sold is the combination of apartments, offices and other spaces.
"Burj Dubai is the new standard skyscrapers. The higher we build, it turns out we realized that we could build more than originally planned, "said Bill Baker, civil engineers and stylists building structure of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), a company that designed the building.
According to Baker, his department learned a lot from the construction of the Burj Dubai building this. In fact, he estimates could build as high as 1 km or even higher.

Building construction began in 2004, with all the financial problems in it. Burj Dubai has a design and construction of the latest technology. Structure of needle-shaped building with construction of concrete, steel and glass. This building consists of 160 floors with an area of 330,000 cubic meters. Burj Dubai building is equipped with 49 floors of offices, apartments and 1044 for the 57 elevator occupants. There are also hotels bearing the logo designer Giorgio Armani.

I was so high, Burj Dubai's spire can be seen from a distance of 100 km. Even from the 124th floor of a skyscraper that people can see the Iranian nation, the distance at 80 km from Dubai.

Burj Dubai has a Y-shaped design, which is the design architect Adrian Smith. Y shape is used to support the core structure of the tower, which has narrowed over height. At the top of the building has a steel structure with a large tower child. In the final stage of concrete must be raised to a height of 605 meters.

Although property prices in Dubai had dropped 50 percent last year, but brokers believe the property prices are offered at the Burj Dubai will not fall too drastically

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